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That’s right. Order 16 or more Textured or Textured Woodgrain Slatwall Panels and get FREE SHIPPING! Take advantage of this extraordinary program to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We’re not sure how long this will last so act fast.

Plus, don’t forget that all slatwall accessories are discounted an additional 10% when purchased with slatwall panels. 

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*Free shipping applies to standard curbside freight delivery to a commercially zoned business address in the Continental U.S. 48 States for textured or textured woodgrain slatwall panels only. Someone must be present at the time of delivery to receive and unload the shipment from the truck. Additional charges will apply for orders delivered to: residences or residentially zoned locations, trade shows, exhibits, hotels, churches, military or government installations, limited access or restricted delivery locations. Free delivery promotion does not include liftgate truck service or inside delivery. Other exclusions and conditions may apply, contact your sales professional for complete details.

Old Painted Brick Textured Slatwall Panels Are The Latest To Join Our Unbeatable Selection!

Give your retail store charm and character by adding our newest textured slatwall finish, Old Painted Brick. Exposure to the elements is the only other way to create this unique looking store fixture display panel. Available colors are Red, Sandstone and Grey. All of our textured slatwall finishes include painted aluminum groove inserts to give them more weight bearing capacity. Add the matching edge trim to cover exposed edges, and pipe accessories to complete the look. Never before, has something so realistic looking been available for use in your boutique or shop. Request a price quote today!


Add A Touch of Class To Your Retail Space With Our New Liz Line of Molded Hair Mannequins!

Give your newest styles a boost by displaying them on an exciting and bold new mannequin. Our new Liz line of Molded Hair Mannequins has a bright white finish, soft features and molded hair, creating that contemporary feel that you’re looking for. Modern poses on these display fixtures tell your customer that their outfits are new and stylish. A sturdy metal base and a cost effective price make these new mannequins a must have for your boutique or specialty clothing shop.

Elizabeth Molded Hair Mannequins






Elizabeth Molded Hair Mannequin

Elizabeth Molded Hair Mannequin


Watch our Latest Video Featuring Our Newest 3D Textured Slatwall Finishes!

Our industry leading selection of 3D Textured Slatwall finishes just got much bigger! See for yourself in our newest video. Your outdoor and tactical gear is right at home on our camouflage slatwall in 6 exciting types. Distressed and reclaimed wood finishes are also popular now. Choose from Red and Blue Old Painted Wood as well as Cool and Warm Sawtooth Oak. Add to that, Reclaimed Wood Planks and Mixed Old Painted Wood give that recycled look that you’ve been searching for. Our Cement category gets Cracked Concrete, which has a different appearance than the other Cement finishes. Black and Light Grey Honeycomb Tile offer a patterned feel that only a tile finish can give. Call us today at 866-421-0961 for pricing on these and any of our other industry leading 3D Textured Slatwall finishes.


Textured Slatwall Video

New Reversible Top Laminated Wood Display Table Set Gives You More Flexibility!

Just out, these new and versatile display table set combos give you the option of a reversible tabletop in two color configurations. Choose from Cherry / Maple or our popular Black / White. Use the two tables together, or in different locations to better locate your retail displays and customer traffic. Economically priced, they’re a great option for any retail store setting!

Reversible Top Nesting Display Table Cherry / Maple

Reversible Top Nesting Display Table Cherry / Maple

Reversible Top Nesting Display Table Black / White

Reversible Top Nesting Display Table Black / White


Finally! Camo Slatwall Is Here!

We’ve been asked for it countless times and finally, it’s available. Camo textured slatwall panels in 6 exciting finishes give our industry leading list of finishes even more options. Outdoor clothing and products retailers, tactical and military supply retailers, and forestry / lumber related tool retailers will all find new and exciting ways to bring their displays to life.

Tan Camo Net Textured Slatwall is the first of these great new options. A brown leafy pattern with overlaid netting gives the appearance of a woodland environment that blends in so well. With the included metal groove inserts, they’ll offer years of service without question and hold much more weight than standard melamine slatwall.Tan Camo Net Slatwall Panels


The Green Watercolor Camouflage Slatwall takes you deep into the jungle with it’s different patches of green mixed to combine for this look.Green Watercolor Camo Textured Slatwall Panels


The Grey Watercolor Camo Slatwall fits into an urban and wintery environment where spring, summer and fall colors have disappeared.Grey Watercolor Camo Textured Slatwall Panel


Digital Camouflage is a pattern that originated in the U.S. Army in the 1970’s which tested well at both long and short range visibilities. This “Cool” digital style is used by military fighting forces all over the world today.Cool Digital Camo Textured Slatwall Panels


Use Warm Digital Camo textured slatwall with Cool Digital textured slatwall to create a unique look for your military surplus, electronics, or outdoor supply store.Warm Digital Camo Textured Slatwall Panels


Grey Camo Hatch slatwall is a pattern that uses alternating grey colors in a crossing pattern to be effective. Construction tools, urban wear, building materials, and manufacturing accessories are right at home on this display panel.Grey Camo Hatch Textured Slatwall Panels


All of these exciting textured slatwall finishes include the reinforced metal inserts for added strength. Decorative wall panels (without grooves) and freestanding floor display fixtures made to match will compliment your finish choice. Don’t forget the Pipeline accessories and matching aluminum edge trim to complete your new look.

Melamine Slatwall Panels vs. Veneer Slatwall Panels Explained…

One of the most common questions about slatwall that we answer is, “What is melamine? What does that mean?” It’s simple, melamine (pronounced [mel – uh – meen]) is a strong, hard plastic compound used in the production of material coverings. In slatwall, it’s the sheet material that’s Hardrock Maple Melamine Slatwall Panelsadhered to the face of the core panel (MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard), which gives the panel it’s look. This low pressure laminate is paper thin, and available in all types of different looking finishes. Woodgrain melamine slatwall finishes however, are pre-finished, and are not real wood surfaces. They’re just designed to look real and are not meant to be sanded or painted.

Red Oak Veneer Slatwall Panels

Veneer slatwall panels on the other hand, are panels that have a real wood or real aluminum face. The Stainable Red Oak (above), and Maple Veneer slatwall panels can be sanded and stained to achieve the look that you need.  They’re a great option if you’re trying to match an existing wood tone, giving you control over the resulting woodgrain color.Brushed Aluminum Veneer Slatwall Panels

Brushed Aluminum Veneer Slatwall panels (above), offer the “no doubt about it” look and feel of real aluminum sheeting which simply can’t be duplicated without some loss of authenticity.

It’s important to note that some finishes are offered in both real veneer and melamine laminate finishes. While they’re similar in name, the visible differences are obvious. Take a look below.mel-vs-veneer

Make sure you have a clear understanding of the available finish types of slatwall panels before you order your slatwall panels so that you get exactly what you need. Next, consider adding the aluminum channel inserts to your panels to increase weight bearing capacity. You’ll be glad you did. Don’t forget about Textured Slatwall Panels. They offer a whole new world of retail store fixture and display panel looks. We’ve also published a slatwall panels installation guide that will answer any questions you have about how to hang your new panels. Lastly, we’re always here to answer any additional questions you may have about your store fixtures and displays. Call us at 866-421-0961 and see for yourself!

Sweet Elizabeth Jane Impresses Their Customers With White Old Painted Wood Textured Slatwall!

Sweet Elizabeth JaneWith a name like Sweet Elizabeth Jane, you’d expect a women’s clothing and home accessories store to be charming, warm and friendly. Although they already had plenty of “cozy” in their retail store, they needed an added boost to their display look. For this, nothing compares to our 3D Textured Slatwall Panels and Pipe Line Slatwall Accessories.

White Old Painted Wood Textured Slatwall

Click for larger version of this Textured Slatwall Display

White Old Painted Wood textured slatwall panels have both the look and feel of an old country cottage whose white paint has faded from years of exposure to the warm summer sun. Tammy and Muriel at Sweet Elizabeth Jane had a plan to use these dramatic looking panels along perimeter walls and in their interior floor display layout as well. Edge trim pieces, perfectly matched to the finish, cover exposed edges and create a more professional looking installation. They also used Slatwall Pipe Line Faceouts and Pipe Line Hangrails in black to compliment the look. We think the results are fantastic! What do you think? Tell them how much you love their look on their Facebook page.

White Old Painted Wood Textured Slatwall

Click for larger version of this Textured Slatwall Display

The move in the retail industry towards reclaimed and re-purposed looking environments is making all of our distressed wood and weathered looking slatwall textures a must-have for your boutique or outdoor themed retail area. Call us today to find out which of these many realistic looking and feeling finishes would best fit your store.



Sweet Elizabeth Jane Slatwall Displays


Sweet Elizabeth Jane Slatwall Displays


Do Athletic & Sports Mannequins Inspire Shoppers to Buy Sportswear and Workout Clothing?

female-running-mannequinsWhen shopping in a retail store, you’re likely to encounter many different styles of mannequins designed to model the latest styles of clothing. What does the pose of the mannequin say to you? If it’s an elegant pose are you inspired to buy more formal? If you see sports or athletic poses are you more likely to buy active wear or exercise clothing?

Retailers are using mannequins in more provocative poses that tell the customer that they can have an athletic or fit body style if they buy and wear the sports clothing being modeled. Our newest line of mannequins in running and sprinting poses gives the retailer the flexibility to feature many different types of clothing. Inspire your customer to lead a more active lifestyle with athletic mannequins wearing new exercise clothes from your retail store.



Watch Our New Video Featuring 3D Freestanding Textured Slatwall Displays!

Wondering how to fill open floor space in your retail store in a unique and interesting way? Our new 3D Freestanding Textured Slatwall Pipe Display Fixtures and Pipe Accessories are the most exciting option right now. Available in any of the Textured and Textured Woodgrain finishes, these store fixtures can be positioned anywhere needed. Watch our video to get an idea how you can use these displays in your open floor space.

Be Ready For Halloween With These Inexpensive and Versatile Gridwall Displays!


Gridwall Gondola Display with Wire Baskets and Shelves

Halloween is coming so it’s important to ensure that the displays you need are on the way and will be delivered on time for your retail store holiday promotions. As we approach the retail buying season, pre-planning  is a must to avoid delays. Survey your sales floor and utilize any unused space with freestanding gridwall displays that can be re-positioned quickly and easily as the need arises.

Gridwall displays can be freestanding on your sales floor in countless configurations, but the most common ways are Gondola, 4-Way Pinwheel, Triangle, and a single panel displaying items on both sides. These all require a base or T Base Leg accessories for the panels to properly stand and be mobile. For more specific info about Gridwall displays visit our Grid Info page.

SlatGrid is a display panel system that accepts most Slatwall and Gridwall accessories. This may be of better use if you already have lots of unused Slatwall accessories. Consider this difference when deciding what type of panels you need.

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Uncrating Your Textured Slatwall Shipment is a Snap!


A Crated and Banded Shipment of Textured Slatwall Fixtures

After spending the time and effort to plan your textured slatwall installation, the last thing that you need is for your panels to arrive damaged. Fortunately great care is taken to package, crate and band your panels to a pallet that will make the journey to your door a safe one. Eliminating damage is a time saver for everyone.


Un-band Your Shipment

Because of their size and weight, textured slatwall panels and textured slatwall floor fixtures must ship by truck / freight. If the carrier calls you in advance of your delivery and advises that you will need a loading dock and forklift to receive your shipment, don’t panic. You don’t need either of these. Your shipment can be un-banded and opened right in the back of the truck. Then thoroughly inspect each panel and fixture for damage while unloading each piece one at a time. Make sure to note the drivers delivery receipt if there is damage and refuse any unusable portions.

The displays pictured are Freestanding Textured Slatwall Fixtures with a pipe frame. Styrofoam packaging for protection and neat organization of your fixtures inside the crate ensure that the transit from our factory to your door is fast and convenient.

Be ready when your shipment arrives and the delivery will go smoothly so that you can begin the transformation of your retail store.


Inside The Crate are All Of The Parts Needed for Your Textured Slatwall Display